Custom Fly Rods

Each fly rod Nick builds is unique and he uses modern fibreglass materials to construct his rods.

His rods are lighter and stronger than fibreglass rods of old, and unlike many carbon rods, they are highly responsive and supple and demand the fly fisher be patient, smooth and relaxed as they cast to a rising fish.

He sources his fibreglass from the world’s best manufacturers, some of who produce low volumes of high quality product. Fittings and rod guides are the best the industry has to offer and are chosen to suit the purpose and look of each rod. Silk is used to wrap the rod guides to the blank.

The reel seats are hand turned using some of the same timbers used in the nets.

Custom Landing Nets

Hand crafted timber landing nets. Most are made using Australian timbers such as Huon Pine, Sasafras, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Karri and Victorian Ash. The nets are strong and light-weight. Each net bag is individually dyed, cut and sewn from a soft, woven nylon material. IF you are a keen fly-tyer, your favourite fly can be resin set and incorporated into the net handle.